New London Architecture

Justin Carr

Senior Manager - London Land Commission

Greater London Authority

Justin Carr
Justin has over 20 years experience of planning in London.  Initially he worked at Croydon Council in their local Plan team where he was responsible for formulating the Councils Greenbelt and Downland policy.  Justin has worked at the GLA for the last 10 years and has been responsible for managing the Mayor’s responses to general conformity of local plans to  the London Plan and for the last 6 years has managed the strategic planning referrals to the GLA which have included the Mayors call-ins of high density and high rise residential schemes at Convoys Wharf and City Road.  Justin is the GLA’s lead officer on major development schemes such as the Bishopsgate Goodsyard master plan.  Justin has also appeared as an expert witness for the Mayor at the Crystal Palace public inquiry, a proposal for the comprehensive master planning of that site.

Justin Carr

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