New London Architecture

Paul Lecroart

Senior Urban Planner

Planning Agency for the Paris Metropolitan Region

Paul Lecroart
Paul is a Senior Urbanist at the Paris Metropolitan Region Planning Agency, advising metropolitan & city authorities on strategic planning and transformative projects, including the Paris Olympic Project, Regional Masterplan 2030, Ring Metro Project, and greening strategies. Paul currently works on highway transformation in the Grand Paris, drawing on international research; he chairs the METREX ‘From Roads to Streets’ Expert Group. His experience includes city planning and design expertise in Europe, North America, North Africa, the Middle East and China. He has been a member of the International Advisory Board for the 4th New York Regional Plan as well as a Coordinator for Metropolis, the global network of cities. He teaches strategic and tactical planning at Sciences Po Urban School, Paris. Paul has spoken in over 30 conferences worldwide and contributed to books, films and research publications, including ‘Cities Change the Word’ published in December 2019.

Paul Lecroart

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