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New London Architecture (NLA) is inviting submissions of projects that were part of the preparation and delivery of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, have been planned, developed and built since then in and around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 
Projects will showcase a wide range of innovative approaches to not only the delivery of the Games but also the transformation of the wider Stratford area between 2002 and 2024. We are looking for exemplar projects that push the bar of high-quality design, placemaking and masterplanning contributing to the legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. 
Projects will demonstrate placemaking approaches that create sustainable communities, contributes to the Olympic’s impact and legacy, flexibility and adaptability to changing needs, and design strategies that tackle the climate emergency. We’re looking for a variety of projects of different periods and of diverse typologies and scales.
Eligible projects fall in one the following categories: 
–    Masterplan
–    Transport and infrastructure 
–    Leisure and sports
–    Landscape design and public realm 
–    Temporary projects
–    Mixed-use (no one use over 90%)
–    Housing
–    Culture, innovation, healthcare and education
–    Retail, hotels and hospitality 
–    Workplaces 
The project showcase will be part of a new report that examines the recent evolution of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and its surrounding neighbourhoods. From the pre-Games preparations to the post-Olympic redevelopment, what projects tell the past, present and future story of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park?   


— Timeframe: any project designed and/or built for the 2002-2024 timeframe can be submitted. Projects can be at all stages of delivery from design and planning, to under construction and completed
— Location: projects need to be in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park or any of the legacy boroughs (Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest) 
— Type: projects should respond to at least one of the categories above and submitters should demonstrate how the project shaped the Games and/or contributes to the regeneration of the Park 
— Permission: where applicable submitters must secure proper permissions from the client prior to submission. There is no limit to the number of submissions from any one company, however submitters are encouraged to consult with other team members before submitting to avoid duplicate entries
Entrants agree that NLA is granted non-exclusive reproduction rights to all successful submissions for NLA’s advertising, promotion, publication and online purposes directly related to the NLA Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park research. Entrants must have permission from the photographer for the reproduction of all imagery for use relating to these purposes.


Please note submissions are ONLY charged if selected for inclusion as part of the report
Payment will only be required for submissions successfully selected for inclusion. Within six weeks of the closing date, NLA will confirm whether your submission has been selected for inclusion in the publication. On confirmation that your submission has been selected, NLA will invite you to make the payments by invoice, issued to New London Architecture Ltd. Payment terms are strictly 14 days from invoice date.
Selected projects will feature in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park publication, while submissions will stay in the NLA permanent online projects directory.
NLA Partners, charities and not-for-profit organisations are entitled to submit projects for free. If your company is a member, be sure you are attached to the company team to make use of the Business Member discount – see how here.
Project Submissions (half page)
A brief overview of the submission and key image, for a half page section in the report and listed in connection to the research in our permanent online directory.
     Partner members – Free
     Standard members – £249+VAT
     Non-members (full price) – £295+VAT
Case Study Submissions (full page)
A full-page in the report allowing for a full description of the submission, supporting quote, alongside additional imagery, and listed in connection to the research in our permanent online directory.
     Champions – 2 free case studies 
     Supporters – 1 free case study
     Partner members – £1,350+VAT
     Standard members – £1,575+VAT
     Non-members (full price) – £1,750+VAT
Additional Case Study projects thereafter
     Partner members – £500+VAT
     Standard business members – £750+VAT
     Non-members (full price) – £900+VAT


Project Submissions
Case Study Submissions

1 – If your company is a member, be sure you are attached to the company team to make use of the Business Member discount, see how here.
2 – List your project
As part of our new online project directory, the first step is to list the basic information of your project. This can then be automatically applied for all future submissions.
3 – Submit research relevant information
Using your listed project, supply additional information as required for this study. Fields include additional description and a selection of images.


To celebrate the legacy of the Games, we’re launching a major NLA research, exhibition, publication and programme of events on the planning, design, engineering, and construction of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and its surrounding areas, to coincide with an NLA residency at the Park and the London Festival of Architecture 2022. 
Alongside LFA, exhibitions, installations and events will celebrate the legacy of places, buildings, public spaces and facilities on the site, as well as those that have been made possible by the Park’s development, encouraging neighbouring sites to demonstrate their affiliation with the Park.
Focusing on the 10-year period since the Games, the research and publication will also cover 10 years of land assembly, remediation, planning, design, and construction in the lead up to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games; as well as what is in store for the next 10 years at the Park.

Approach & Key Themes

To celebrate the legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games we want to tell the stories of people involved in this transformational project for London. Key themes will cover: 
  • Sustainable communities
  • Impact and opportunity for the East End 
  • Climate resilience and net-zero
  • Landscape and public realm 
  • Culture, innovation, diversity and inclusion 
  • Transport and infrastructure 
  • Housing and neighbourhoods
  • Retail, hospitality and leisure  
  • Design quality, policies and guidance

Research questions

  • What have been the drivers and obstacles for development across the QEOP in the last 10 years? What have been the achievements and challenges of this era? 
  • Since 2012, how has impact of the Games transformed people’s lives and places in and around the Park? Which areas best evidence this? 
  • How does London’s Olympics story compare to other global capitals? 
  • How will the QEOP and wider Stratford area cope with growth in the next 10 years? What will be the key challenges and opportunities for the future? 
  • How is LLDC preparing to hand over planning powers to the local authorities in December 2024? What’s the plan towards 2030?
  • What can we learn from the evolution of the park since 2012 that will help inform its management/development in the future? 
  • What can we learn from the successful experience of setting up and running a development corporation?
  • How have broader social and political factors, plus changing attitudes towards issues e.g. sustainability and advances in technology, affected how the area has been planned, developed and managed since 2012
  • What have been the key differences between how the Park and its surroundings were originally envisaged and how it is now? What has been the most surprising?

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