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Inspiring Women

NLA’s Inspiring Women programme celebrates, promotes and profiles women working across the built environment industry, to inspire others and provide opportunities to meet, network and further develop skills. The built environment industry, alongside many others, is striving to overcome women’s chronic underrepresentation and lower pay to create a strengthened, resilient workforce. This year-round programme encourages discussion around key issues around how to attract and retain women early in their career, midway through and at more senior levels. What are the different issues that architects, engineers, developers, planners and related professions face across their career and what can be done to accommodate women?

A focused series of Inspiring Women events throughout the year will provide opportunities for engaging more women in the NLA programme, celebrating the role of women in London’s built environment, expanding professional networks, and developing skills. 

We aim to have 50% female speakers and contributors across the whole programme.

NLA would love to hear your suggestions of great female experts we could feature in our future programme. Please click here to submit your suggestions.

Key themes

  • Discuss the business case for diversity
  • Engage with NLA and wider women’s groups
  • Share key career development questions at mentoring sessions

Programme Champions

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are opportunities to become either a Champion or Supporter of this programme. To find out more about how you could get involved in the events and output across our platforms please get in touch with the Membership Team via Aurelia Amanitis

Prices start from £4,250 + VAT for 12 month support. 

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