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Inspiring Women

 Showcasing London’s female talent to encourage a diverse built environment workforce

The built environment industry, alongside many others, is striving to overcome women’s chronic under-representation and lower pay to create a strengthened, resilient workforce. This year-round programme celebrates, promotes and profiles women working across the built environment industry, to inspire others and provide opportunities to meet, network and further develop skills. 

A focused series of Inspiring Women events throughout the year will identify and showcase leading women across the sector — providing a forum to discuss the significant projects they have worked on and, in doing so, acknowledging and normalising the importance of women in the industry and celebrating future possibilities for those starting out in their careers.

Where appropriate, links will be made with NLA’s Learning programme, presenting an opportunity for schoolgirls to meet with inspirational women to gain insight into their work, providing a positive representation of women working the built environment industry to those deciding on their future career paths.

Across the entire NLA programme, we aim to have 50 per cent female speakers and contributors — we currently achieve 43 per cent and continue to strive to reach 50/50 representation.

  • A showcase of impressive London based projects that have been led by a female team 
  • To have 50 per cent female representation across the entire NLA programme 
  • Acknowledging and normalising the importance of women in the industry

  • Women’s Network Lunch, LREF June 2020 
  • LREF Evening reception, June 2020 
  • Evening talk and networking, November 2020

Evening talk and networking, Jan 2020 
Evening talk and networking, September 2019
Inspiring Women NLQ issue
Speed mentoring, September 2019
Evening talk and networking, June 2019
Mailer to coincide with International Women’s Day, March 2019

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are opportunities to become either a Champion or Supporter of this programme. To find out more about how you could get involved in the events and output across our platforms please get in touch with the Membership Team via

Prices start from £4,250 + VAT for 12 month support. 

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