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Retail is in a time of flux. With growing rents, online retailing, and an emphasis on experiential visits rather than standard shop floors, linked with growing hospitality and restaurant sectors as London becomes a destination for food tourism, London’s retail community is evolving. 

What is the future for this sector? What do we need for our world-famous markets, high streets, town centres, shopping centres and independent shopping areas to remain competitive? How should the market respond to fears of Brexit impacting our position as a shopping destination? How can we make best use of our high streets and shopping centres?

This year-round programme investigates how London is adapting to retain its title as a world-leading shopping city and the innovative responses underway. 

Key themes

  • Innovative experiences: the impact of technology and lifestyle change
  • City markets - dealing with greater demand on resources and land
  • Retail at stations - 'the only part of retail that’s growing' 
  • Modernising shopping centres and their impact on wide-scale development

Programme Supporter

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are opportunities to become either a Champion or Supporter of this programme. To find out more about how you could get involved in the events and output across our platforms please get in touch with the Membership Team via

Prices start from £4,250 + VAT for 12 month support. 


London’s Retail: exploring what works


London’s Retail: exploring what works

The retail sector faces an unprecedented era of flux. With the rise of rents, online retailing, new technologies and cha...

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Shop - New Retail Space For London

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