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Retail faces an unprecedented era of flux. From world-leading shopping street destinations, to neighbourhood high streets, markets, town centres and meanwhile spaces, London encompasses a diverse spectrum of retail environments. With the rise of rents, online retailing, new technologies and changing consumer expectations, London’s retail landscape is evolving fast to meet new demands. In anticipation of these shifts, how can the built environment sector adapt successfully for the future of retail in London?

What makes London’s most successful retail environments good places? Does the retail planned for new and regenerated neighbourhoods meet the needs and desires of inhabitants? How can London’s retail environments respond to changing market conditions with better considerations of longevity and sustainability in mind? Across development, planning, design and government, how can the built environment sector generate a resilient retail landscape?

This year-round programme examines questions of placemaking, flexibility, mix, ownership, leadership, and the ‘culture of retail’ to investigate London’s most innovative responses to the changing retail landscape.

  • Adaptability, ‘long life loose fit’ 
  • The move from retail-led offers to mixing services, culture and leisure 
  • Retail regeneration, impact of successful ground floor units and tenant mix 
  • Tech innovations and best practice for sustainability 
  • Opportunities and challenges in ownership models

  • London’s West End — Reinventing retail, curating experiences, Study tour, April 2020


  • Study tour, September 2019 
  • London’s Retail, Exploring What Works, research paper launch, Breakfast Talk, July 2019 
  • The future of Retail in London, Think Tank, March 2019 
  • The Future of Retail, Pecha Kucha, May 2018 
  • Taking Stock: London’s evolving markets. Breakfast talk, May 2017 
  • The regeneration of London’s Town Centres. Half-day conference, February 2016 
  • Town Centres and Retail. Half-day conference, December 2014


  • Publication 

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London’s Retail: exploring what works


London’s Retail: exploring what works

The retail sector faces an unprecedented era of flux. With the rise of rents, online retailing, new technologies and cha...

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