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Binki Taylor
Binki Taylor is a GLA commissioner for diversity in the public realm and also a founding partner of the Brixton Project, a community placemaking organisation that uses creativity to empower local people’s involvement in the cultural and economic evolution of where they live and work. 

The Brixton Project seeks to improve the social, cultural and economic potential for an inclusive community.   It is a model for community place-making that values the common ground in shaping places that everyone has an investment in and can take ownership of.

She is an experienced coach-mentor, creative producer, and community activator.  She is an advocate for fusing the innate wisdom, knowledge, culture, and heritage of a community into the future development of place.  Her work with Brixton Design Trail and now The Brixton Project creates fertile common ground for this to happen in ways that are productive, and everyone feels represented.

Latest contributions

Inclusive public spaces


01 July 2024

Inclusive public spaces

Binki Taylor, founding partner of the Brixton Project, reflects on Brixton's approach to the importance of inclusive public spaces following the 2020 events.

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The New London Agenda: Binki Taylor

New London Agenda

26 February 2024

The New London Agenda: Binki Taylor

This week we're speaking to Binki Taylor as she discusses the radical shift of values in leadership that others will follow, as a result of the New London Agenda.

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Binki Taylor

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