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The New London Agenda is a multi-year project that will develop a vision for London, alongside practical policy outcomes setting out how the built environment sector can deliver London’s needs. It will be used as a tool to influence City Hall in adopting this vision and ultimately shape the evolution of the next London Plan.

The project will be developed over the course of two years and its first edition will be launched in Autumn 2023, ahead of the next Mayoral election in Spring 2024.

NLA’s role has been instrumental in raising the voice of the built environment sector in London, making the case for its critical role in supporting the capital to address its urban challenges and ultimately improve the quality of the urban environment for both current and future generations. As an aggregator, NLA provides a forum for all those involved in shaping London to generate new ideas and share solutions, and as an initiator, NLA sets the agenda to influence policy so that those ideas can become reality.

Timeline and legacy

September 2021 – June 2022
→  During the second cycle of the Expert Panels, each panel will refine the key issues that will be included in the New London Agenda proposal
→  Expert Panel chairs meet to explore collaboration across panels
→  NLA/EY dinner series exploring bold ideas for London

June 2022 – June 2023
→  During the third cycle of the Expert Panels, panels will define the policy outcomes to include in the New London Agenda
→  A series of Champions workshops will support the creation of a cohesive vision for the New London Agenda by combining Expert Panels work into a wider vision
→  Engagement with policy makers at City Hall and Central Government to refine the policy asks

June – September 2023 
→ New London Agenda is finalised, NLA edits and refines the content and produce the final document 

October 2023 and onwards
→  New London Agenda launched 
→  A series of industry events to disseminate the findings 
→  Engagement with Mayoral Candidates to influence their manifesto and further political outputs

The ambition of the New London Agenda is to create a 4-year cycle in parallel with Mayoral cycles. Every four years, NLA will renew the document in order to influence the London Plan and City Hall policies that respond to the real needs of the city. 

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The New London Agenda is developed by NLA and supported by civic leaders who wish to see London thrive and innovate, highlighting the role that the built environment sector plays in creating a greener, fairer and more equitable city. We are working with our top tiers of membership on this critical piece of work/multi-year project.

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