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The New London Agenda is a multi-year project that sets a vision for the future of London and its built environment, presenting the top issues that need to be tackled over the next London political term, and the best new ideas and solutions that will deliver New London of the future.
Sitting at its heart is the New London Charter, a declaration of NLA’s vision for New London that drives the NLA’s policies and programme.
Developed by NLA, and supported by civic and industry leaders, the New London Agenda brings together high-level thinking developed across our year-round programme, with active participation of over 300 multi-disciplinary experts and leaders through our New London Sounding Board, Committees and Expert Panels.
The first iteration of the New London Agenda launches in November 2023, just ahead of the London Mayoral elections in May 2024, as candidates seek to develop policies that will inform the next iteration of the London Plan.

Timeline and legacy

As of 2023, the Agenda will develop as follows:
January-July 2023 – policy development
  • The New London Sounding Board will meet
  • The Expert Panels will meet and prepare White Papers presentation to the Sounding Board
  • Expert Panel Chairs will meet New London Agenda editorial team and prepare for year ahead
  • Annually, all Committees will meet to reflect on final themes and feed in final thoughts.
August-October 2023 – writing, editing and production
November 2023 – publication of New London Agenda
The final report will be published with online content alongside, timing with a Mayoral Hustings event. The Agenda will be published as an easily accessible, graphic-led printed and digital report.
A film will also be published with key messages that can be found in our NLA galleries and on our online platforms. 

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The New London Agenda is developed by NLA and supported by civic leaders who wish to see London thrive and innovate, highlighting the role that the built environment sector plays in creating a greener, fairer and more equitable city. We are working with our top tiers of membership on this critical piece of work/multi-year project.
NLA Members will have the following opportunities:
  • Principal Partners have a guaranteed seat on the New London Sounding Board.
  • Champions drive our Expert Panels and Committees, with up to three seats across relevant panels including opportunities to chair panels, strategically input into research papers, and produce independent think pieces for inclusion across the NLA platform.
  • Partners may apply for inclusion in NLA Expert Panels

If you have any questions or would like to find out how you and your business can be involved, please email:

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