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Carrie Behar

Associate and Head of Sustainability

Useful Projects

Carrie Behar Expert panel member
Carrie Behar is a highly experienced sustainability professional with over 15 years’ expertise in the design and delivery of healthy buildings and a sustainable built environment. With a background in architectural design and building performance she completed a PhD in 2016 at UCL, where her research investigated the uptake and acceptance of innovative technologies within low energy construction programmes.
In her current role as Head of Sustainability, Carrie leads the Useful Simple Trust’s organisational sustainability programme, as well as supporting masterplanning consultancy projects, where here expertise spans energy, materials, social value, green infrastructure, the circular economy, health and wellbeing and community engagement.

NLA Expert Panel member for the Wellbeing programme #NLAWellbeing

Carrie Behar Expert panel member

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