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Fiona Coull

Programme Manager

Cross River Partnership

Fiona Coull
Fiona manages Cross River Partnership’s (CRP) Clean Air Logistics for London Programme (CALL). CRP is a public-private, not-for-profit partnership, that has been delivering positive change for London’s residents, businesses and visitors for 27 years.

CRP is currently delivering a range of projects in London, all of which aim to improve air quality and make London a nicer place to live. CRP’s CALL programme is a Defra-funded project that aims to move more freight into London via river rather than road, reducing both congestion and pollution at the same time. The programme also involves improving river freight infrastructure to increase the viability of river freight as well as delivering more river freight trials.

Prior to working at CRP, Fiona worked as a consultant on several sustainable transport and Air Quality projects, including the Mayor’s School Air Quality Audit Programme, an initiative aimed at reducing emissions and exposure at 50 primary schools in some of London’s most polluted areas.

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Fiona Coull

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