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Projects in practice: Zero Carbon London


Wednesday 09 December 2020
10:00 - 11:30


The first seminar of the NLA series of Projects in Practice will look into the approaches of environmental design used to reduce carbon emissions. 
This session will present 16 Chart Street, the redevelopment of an existing 1930s warehouse building into a sustainable and collaborative workspace. The project demonstrates a commitment to retrofit and reuse, with the development seeking to retain as much of the existing building fabric as possible. To increase the building’s area a new roof and side extension have been added using structural timber. The timber acts as a natural carbon store and allowing for an efficient construction process, the use of exposed structural timber has significantly reduced the carbon cost of the project. 

Detailed presentations will be given by the design team on the approaches to low carbon design, the calculation of embodied carbon and the use of timber in construction. 

Projects in Practice’ presents London’s leading projects and the products that define them. The series gets under the skin of the best new projects across all sectors in the capital, revealing the technical aspects of their design, specification and delivery. Each seminar focuses in on a specific sector, from schools, offices and homes, to tall buildings, linking in with NLA’s existing programme streams, and features projects presented by the architects, engineers and other team members instrumental in making London’s most successful buildings work.

This event is also linked to the Net Zero programme topic.


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