New London Architecture

Smart streets: interactive technology in the city


Friday 20 May 2022
10:00 - 11:00

In this webinar, we will discuss the latest innovations in interactive technology and explore how these are driving significant changes.
Pedestrian crossing, street safety and cycle ways have become increasingly important since walking and cycling levels have doubled during the pandemic. With people opting for shorter commutes and increased localised journeys, minimizing risk and street safety needs to be prioritized and smart technology is a key driver in reaching this goal.
This webinar examines the innovations in technology that are driving changes in street safety and city navigation. The use of interactive technology, Ai and data visualization can be adopted by local authorities and boroughs to not only plan smarter cities, but build cities that positively and inclusively connect technology, people, buildings, and environments to create a smarter way of living.

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Speaker biographies

Paul Oesten-Creasey

Chief Technical Officer, VU.CITY

First Sukpaiboon

Head of Programme, NLA

Paul Curtis

Associate Director, Vectos, part of SLR

Andrew Caleya Chetty

CEO, Starling Technologies

Adrienne Mathews

Principal Transport Planner, Transport Planning, Atkins

Ana Matic

Director of Digital Development, Scott Brownrigg

Built Environment Technology


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