New London Architecture

The Future of Open-Source: Is It Truly Accessible?


Wednesday 19 October 2022
10:00 - 11:00

Encouraging openness and accessibility, join us in this webinar to explore and unpack open-resources and databases, which aid the built environment in becoming more sustainable.
What existing systems and resources are making data accessible across the built environment?
The Inventory of Carbon and Energy, or ICE, is an established open-source database for embodied carbon for building materials that provide free accessible data online and is used as a popular resource amongst architects and engineers. But what goes into developing these open-source databases, what skills are needed, and how can they become more widely used amongst the architecture community? 
Are there other resources available that can have an equally significant impact on the construction industry and be used as a reliable resource when designing sustainably? 
This webinar examines the challenges of open-source and its accessibility, as well as unpacking the significant impact it can have in accurately measuring data and encouraging the sharing of knowledge across the built environment.

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Speaker biographies

Camilla Siggaard Andersen

Urban Research Lead, Hassell

Dr Joe Jack Williams

Associate and Researcher, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

Ben Porter

Associate, Digital Design, Hawkins\Brown Ltd

Ashleigh Monagle

Innovation Management Lead, Mott MacDonald

Built Environment Technology



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