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The Get It Right Initiative [GIRI] is a not-for-profit membership organisation that has adopted a multi-disciplinary approach to tackling error. It has more than 80 members, including clients, consultants, contractors, regulators, educators, professional institutions, insurance companies and trade bodies.

GIRI’s research* identified that the measured direct cost of avoidable errors in the construction industry is in the order of 5% of project value. This equates to approximately £5 billion per annum across the sector in the UK and is higher than average profit levels across the industry (around 3%). When unmeasured and indirect costs are included the situation gets much worse with estimates of total costs ranging between 10% and 25% of project cost or between £10-25 billion per annum across the sector.
GIRI is working with its members to:

• Create a culture and working environment to get it right from the start
• Change attitudes and harness leadership responsibility to reduce error and improve
construction quality and productivity
• Engage all stakeholders in eliminating error from inception, through operation, to
• Share knowledge about error reduction processes and systems.
• Improve skills across the sector creating a positive approach to pre-empting error.

We have a number of working groups focussing on the following:
- The role of technology in reducing error
- Development of an industry-wide metric for error
- Getting it right through insurance
- Assessing the impact of the Building Safety Act on error reduction
- Revision of the GIRI Design Guide


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