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King's Cross Community Offer: Exhibition Revealed

Wednesday 08 June 2022

Earlier this year, together with King’s Cross, we revealed the six shortlisted teams for our King’s Cross Community Offer competition. The shortlisted teams’ proposals can be viewed at a local exhibition at King’s Cross Visitor Centre (11 Stable Street, London, N1C 4AB).
The proposals will be on display until 21 June, in order to gather feedback from the local community and residents, ahead of the selection of the winning design team. 
The aim of the competition is to demonstrate ambition and emphasise the importance of local community engagement when tackling our city’s public spaces. 
The exhibition offers the opportunity to learn more about what each proposal hopes to deliver for the area. Take a look below and provide your feedback here
1.     King’s Cross Waste Works by AC // AJ
King’s Cross Waste Works was developed as a partnership between AC//AJ and Camden Community Makers. King’s Cross Waste Works will act both as an educational and demonstration space by providing a new accessible workshop alongside a multifunctional space that demonstrates the value of recycled waste. Learning will be included at every stage of the process from collecting and sorting waste, to using the machines and tools available to exploring with fabrication and different waste materials capabilities. The facility will include a drop-off point, sorting station and small-scale recycling machinery that will allow for different types of material processing.
By educating communities about the possibilities of collecting, reusing and recycling waste at a local level we aim to change consumer behaviour and transform waste use in a sustainable and circular process that is accessible, open source and would benefit both the local community and improve the health of the planet.
What benefits will your proposal bring to the local community?
Waste Works seeks to empower local people to drive change in their area and contribute to placemaking. By developing a local network of designers, artists and makers that will collaborate with various groups of the community including school children, residents and hard to reach community members, the space will provide creative solutions to tackle waste pollution by turning waste materials such as plastic into valuable everyday objects and inspire more people to take action.
Social benefits of the space consist of generating opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship for local people by supporting small business start-ups, internships, part time and full-time positions and volunteering to teach and work in the workshop.
By relying on a network of users, the workshop will encourage diversity and inclusion by
bringing together different groups from the local community and encourage knowledge
exchange at a local level by helping to solve a global problem.

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2.     Coworking Creative Studios by Camden Black Creatives (CBC)
The CBC Coworking Creative Studios is an exciting community hub for artists, makers, and start-ups from the Black community to collaborate, create, network, develop their practice and share it with new audiences.
The programmes and facilities available to members will include shared coworking spaces for events, classes, workshops, exhibitions, talks and more. The studio will be fully equipped with tools for most creative practices and be affordable for those at the early stages of their careers needing the support.
We are also very passionate about mentoring the next generation of talents who would benefit from being inspired by practising creatives. This programme will be in partnerships with local schools and community groups working with disadvantaged young people and those at risk.
With its diverse range of brands, businesses, organisations and institutions, King’s Cross will give us amazing opportunities to develop partnerships and bring more awareness to works from Black creatives.
What benefits will your proposal bring to the local community?
Building a better community is at the forefront of our mission. A better community is where everyone feels represented and has an equal opportunity to succeed. The benefits of having the CBC studios as part of the new King’s Cross development is that it addresses the need for more visibility and diversity of culture. Residents will benefit from the space through the events and workshops where all are welcome and invited to take part in and experience a diverse mix of talks, classes and exhibitions that celebrate culture and diversity. 
Our vision for the space is to bridge the barriers between cultures in communities by collaborating with different partners around Kings Cross to build a better place for all, where culture representation is given an equal opportunity to be seen, experienced, understood and embraced. 
3.     FishTank Workshop
FishTank Workshop will be a creative space for young people (18-30) and will act as a gateway to King’s Cross Central and the creative corporations which are now based there. Through the Explore, Experience & Exhibit programme young people will have the opportunity to understand, observe and learn about creativity and the creative industries. FishTank already have partnerships with several creative corporations on the King’s Cross site.  
FishTank Studio will work with these partnerships and form new ones acting as the bridge for young people to access the creative opportunities as they present. Regular workshops and talks facilitated by the resident creatives based on the first floor will take place alongside exhibitions in the gallery space on the ground floor. A monthly market will be introduced, where young creatives can sell their work and the community will come together over food and creativity.
What benefits will your proposal bring to the local community?
To develop a community of young people who are positive, motivated, and aspirational can have an amazing impact on the wider community. We need to understand the needs of young people and the various levels of engagement and support required. The thinking behind FishTank Workshop is to improve the access to creativity. To create a bridge to the opportunities and the creative corporations which now exist on the King’s Cross Development. To be a creative is a reality and talented young people who may not have exposure to the creative world and the opportunities will now have a gateway into King’s Cross Central and potentially open up a world of creativity The wider community will also have a gateway to the creative corporations through the monthly market as the creative partners will provide information about any services along with opportunities which are open to the wider community.
4.     MW5 Fitness Community Project
MW5 Fitness Community Project would like to create a unique gym space that introduces people to the world of strength and fitness. A place that teaches and inspires, where people can learn new skills, that not only serves a purpose but lasts a lifetime. 
The ground floor would be used as a learning hub/community space to facilitate coaching seminars, events, podcast conversations, meetings, and other offerings such as a running club meeting point. A place where people can share stories, feel safe, communicate, learn, and inspire each other for both physical and mental wellbeing. 
On the 2nd floor, MW5 Fitness Community Project would propose a multi-functional gym facility that can be used by all levels of fitness. A versatile training solution that allows multiple people to work out at the same time using functional rigs and squat racks that are designed to maximise workout space and limit equipment footprint. 
What benefits will your proposal bring to the local community?
The facility will be a hub for health and fitness, where people from the estate, residents and occupants alike will be welcomed with open arms.
We believe the premises is an ideal space to help facilitate various existing projects as well as new and exciting ideas, aimed to encourage people from the local area to participate in physical fitness and feel confident about exercise.
For children and adults alike to respect their community they need to feel a part of it. To achieve this, and best meet the needs of everyone, we would propose initiatives such as weekly ‘learn to lift’ classes, running club, kids strength classes and a host of inspiring workshops centred around both physical & mental health.
Connecting people and establishing a sense of belonging to create a genuine community is the mission, whilst understanding people's needs and respecting the multi-diverse community in which we operate is paramount.

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5.     Food for All x Show & Grow

SHOW & GROW + FOOD FOR ALL work symbiotically to ensure residents, families, charities and schools have a resource centre that meets their needs with food and creative educational workshops. FOOD FOR ALL runs on a referral system for those wanting to apply. The food is given to us for free by The Felix Project for the purpose of supplying those in need, we then distribute it out to our referral groups using our volunteer team. SHOW & GROW provides basic computer training with a series of educational workshops aimed at positive transition for anyone interested in self-development. We provide creative workshops aimed at inspiring all who take part, we do this by using our own expertise and that of our affiliated partnerships, plus the technological resources given to us to assist with their training and education. Both partners offer a free service.

What benefits will your proposal bring to the local community?
Not only do we offer a free food and education service, there are also many opportunities to volunteer with us or our affiliated partners. This is beneficial for anyone wanting to learn new skills and make new friends. Our friendly volunteer team are happy to teach what they know for those wishing to get involved, we embrace all local charities and can provide food at projects a their events. There are plenty of opportunities to work on events with local partners like Alara, SHOW & GROW + Food For All where locals get to meet up with our corporate partners who also volunteer throughout the year and at Xmas. Those referred to us will benefit from the extra help aim to provide thus alleviating the worry of not be able to have enough to eat or do.

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6.     Urban Learners 
Urban Learners’ proposal is for a Creative Learning Centre, which promotes access to local heritage, art, architecture, and culture. This would allow us to create a local and accessible space where we can welcome young and local people to participate in shaping their cities. To improve awareness of the impact on our planet and place, and to encourage young people to participate in shaping their cities by accessing opportunities in the creative industries.
  • A place for connecting local, often underrepresented, people to opportunities within the creative sector and industries.
  • A place for local heritage, for community voices, stories and ideas to be heard, encouraged, recorded and exchanged. 
  • Providing young people and children with a platform to contribute to their city through creative and aspirational learning experiences.
  • Cultural exchange for artists and creatives to showcase their work and inspire others.
What benefits will your proposal bring to the local community?
By locating Urban Learners in the building, we hope to reach many more members of the community, in particular young people in Camden and Islington and from the local neighbourhood.
Our work will facilitate connections between the local community and bring opportunities for young people to learn through creativity. Our work has already benefitted 1000+ children and young people from across London, from diverse communities and non-traditional backgrounds, and provided them with greater access to, and opportunities within the creative industries. 
We’d work with the local community that might be facing regeneration change within their area.  We will be their voice and represent them when there are large-scale redevelopment plans and projects. Giving local people a say and building better futures. 
We’d create a safe cultural exchange space for local people to showcase their creative work, in the form of exhibitions, spoken word, film, and storytelling.

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