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When submitting a project that hasn't been featured before in our research showcases or awards, add it to our directory first. This core project information will be used to speed up future submissions, and you will only need to enter new information associated to the particular study. You can update these core details at any time in your business settings under 'Projects and Submissions', for example if the project status or visuals change.

See if your project is already online here, if it has been listed by another company associated with the project, the page will list who. Any team credits given by the company will be listed, and if you are a member that project will then feature on your profile page. The company that first listed the project will have editing access, we recommend you work together with them if you want to suggest edits, but we can reassign editing access if required.

Project Information
Title of project.
Thumbnail image, 1440x1080.
Header image, 2048x1152.
Select Relevant Topic, this helps our team search projects.
Status (built, planning, proposed, under construction).
Size (sqm).
Short Description 200 characters.
Completion, to the nearest year.
Team Credits, profession / company (min 3 credits).

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