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The massive and continuing growth of cities requires new forms of civic leadership: citizen-centred but technology-enabled; new places that really work; new technologies and new sources of jobs; and perhaps most importantly, greater equality and access to resources. In a period of unstable national politics, city to city dialogue has become even more important.

NLA’s programme of city dialogues, or low-carbon conferencing, facilitates regional and global discussion, digitally connecting London with other cities in order to exchange information, discuss and debate shared urban issues, and compare approaches. 

Each event brings two cities together using a live video link so that speakers and audiences can exchange information about key issues that are common to both places. Cities featuring in the programme include New York, Sydney, Toronto, Chicago, Boston, Manchester and Birmingham. 

In 2019, the inaugural NLA International Symposium brought together city-leaders and city-builders from across the globe for an inspired conversation about shaping better cities in London’s City Hall. As cities are themselves the centres of experiment, this symposium provided the platform for them to learn from one another and share approaches for sustainable and prosperous futures. 

  • Provide a forum for discussion and debate where the industry can look beyond London for innovative solutions to critical urban problems and other cities can learn from London’s example 
  • Bring urban experts together to work beyond their locality and collaborate, creating opportunities for businesses to connect locally and internationally 
  • Create a socially and economically inclusive and environmentally sustainable city by informing and connecting those who shape the urban environment

  • Chicago, February 
  • New York, April 
  • Boston, May 
  • Manchester, July 
  • Birmingham, October 
  • New York, November


  • NYLON, Beyond money — how development is delivering social value in London and New York, November 2019 
  • London and Stockholm: delivering sustainable housing, September 2019 
  • London and Melbourne: what makes a ‘liveable’ city? July 2019 
  • Shaping Better Cities, NLA International Symposium, June 2019 
  • NYLON, Design quality and public housing, May 2019 
  • London and Chicago: Big data and the design of cities, February 2019

  • London: Design Capital, Buildings, Places, Cities, May 2017

  • London Design Capital, May–July 2017

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Prices start from £4,250 + VAT for 12 month support. 


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