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An evolving conversation: Delivering Inclusive Design

Thursday 26 January 2023

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What is inclusive design? Why is it essential? Watch our continuing conversation to explore the urgency in designing spaces for all in this webinar.

Inclusive design is the foundation for making our cities welcoming, open, and enjoyed by all. Historically London has not accommodated the great breadth of diversity within its society. We have begun to see the emergence of activists, researchers, and designers, pioneering the need for change within the built environment sector.
Following on from a great discussion at the London Real Estate Forum in association with Therme Group on, ‘Delivering Inclusive Design’, we continue the much-needed conversation with how to deliver inclusive spaces for all and hear from a group of experts answering the important questions that are facing the built environment sector.
What does it mean to make design inclusive and why does it matter? How do we get everyone more actively involved in inclusive design and interested in the safety of public realm spaces for women and girls? In addressing these key questions and themes, we unravel the necessity in moving forward positively with inclusive design.



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