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Annual Fire Safety Update

Wednesday 14 December 2022

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The Building Safety Act (BSA), which was granted Royal Assent in April 2022, five years after the Grenfell tragedy, marks a major shift for the building industry. 
This reform questions several design aspects, including single-core residential buildings, tall buildings and cladding materials. How will the industry adapt to meet this new reform? Who will be the qualified people responsible for the new safety standards? What impact will this have on the design of buildings? How can all professionals collaborate for better clarity and visibility in the face of these changing regulations? How will the new Principal Designer role work in practice and how is it going to fit in with CDM regulations? 
NLA’s Annual Fire Safety Update presents the latest regulatory changes that built environment professionals need to know to get ready for new ways of specifying, assembling, and managing buildings for safeguarding fire safety.




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Project in Practice: One Crown Place

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