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Delivering Affordable Housing: Where are we now?

Thursday 02 March 2023

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The need for good quality affordable housing is perhaps more critical than ever before. This webinar discusses the current industry outlook and features projects that highlight best practice across London.

In the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, access to affordable housing is as crucial as ever. Across London the delivery of affordable housing remains a priority but with demand far outstripping supply, what is the current outlook for the sector? The ‘London’s Affordable Housing Funding Requirement’ report published in December 2022, commissioned by the GLA and produced by Savills Affordable Housing states that, the latest delivery targets derived from the London Plan are 52,000 homes per annum of which 50 per cent should be affordable but ‘current rates of supply fall far short of this need’.
What does affordable really mean? What are the key barriers to delivering the affordable housing London needs, and what is being done to combat this? How can we ensure quality isn’t compromised when delivering affordable housing? Can exemplar projects act as a catalyst?
In this NLA webinar, we hear from a wide range of public and private sector voices concerned with affordable housing delivery, along with presentations of exemplar affordable housing projects currently being delivered in London that promote best practice. 



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Housing Expert Panel

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