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Health on the high street

Wednesday 26 April 2023

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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the presence of health on the high street has been normalised, from utilising libraries and civic spaces as vaccination centres. In 2022, the Health and Social Care Act outlined a proposal encouraging healthcare facilities such as GPs, hospitals, mental health, community, and social services, to work together more closely. This has inspired many London boroughs to consider new ways to bring health and wellbeing to the heart of its communities: the high streets. Many are in grave need of revitalisation with numerous empty units. Repurposing these spaces as health facilities, wellbeing hubs and other integral community and social focuses, is one solution.
A flexible mix of uses offers chance encounters and ease in everyday life. Can we combine health hubs within our libraries, leisure centres or workspaces? An addition of care services can positively influence local economy, increase employment opportunities and address health inequalities by encouraging inclusive design. 
Achieving a sustainable and vibrant strategy with longevity at the heart is key to a successful high street. Watch this webinar to delve into health innovation within our high streets. Who is already doing this, and what can we build upon?

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