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NYLON: Healthy Streets

Thursday 20 October 2022

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How can urban design improve physical and mental wellbeing? Watch the webinar discussion between London and New York.

The significant role of the public realm for mental and physical health has been particularly highlighted in the last two years. Encouraging active travel, access to nature, social gathering places, and air quality are all aspects of a healthier city for its residents. How are public policies and designers embracing this challenge?
The ‘Healthy Streets approach’ in London aims to reduce car use and improve urban design to provide appealing, healthier, and inclusive streets. In New York, the active design guideline proposes a planning approach to create streets that support and promote wellbeing of residents. How do these guidelines translate into urban design?
London and New York take this opportunity to share thought leadership forecasting on how we can improve public health through healthier streets. This event forms a part of the NLA City Dialogues programme, which brings together speakers and audiences to foster cross-city dialogue and learning between cities.

In association with Center for Architecture and Urban Design Forum in New York City.

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