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Candice Lemaitre

Commercial Development Innovation Lead

Places for London

Candice Lemaitre Expert panel member
French, in London for 7 years, and a professional in digital transformation, property technology and innovation strategy with strong knowledge of the European tech ecosystem and a passion for making a positive change.

Prior to working for TfL, I advised large organisations in their innovation journey and for the past two years specialise in the property sector supporting our real estate directorate to build a strong innovation portfolio. Urban innovation is one of my key priorities. One of our recent project related to the topic was the development of a land assessment tool combining geospatial and planning data to computational design. To support our existing estate and along our Customer Digital Programme, I am actively supporting Platform: A town centre property innovation programme.

I am also part of the Harvard Business School Angels of London, also has represented various tech ecosystems such The French tech, France Fintech tour.

NLA Expert Panel member for the Built Environment Technology programme #NLATechnology

Candice Lemaitre Expert panel member

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