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David Cheshire

Regional Sustainability Director


David Cheshire
David Cheshire is a Director at AECOM, specialising in sustainability in the built environment. David is the author of Building Revolutions, a RIBA Publications book that explains how to apply the circular economy to the built environment. The hierarchy proposed in Building Revolutions is referenced in the latest London Plan consultation and he is currently working with the GLA to implement the Circular Economy Statement Guidance. David has just published a second edition titled a Handbook to Building a Circular economy, with new case studies and insights.

Latest contributions

Resilient Cities: preparing for climate events in the UK

City Dialogues

08 November 2021

Resilient Cities: preparing for climate events in the UK

As an industry, how do we move beyond the reactive and adopt a proactive approach to tackling climate change?

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David Cheshire

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