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Romy Rawlings

Commercial Director


Romy Rawlings Expert panel member
Romy Rawlings is a Chartered Landscape Architect and Commercial Director for Vestre Ltd, a Norwegian manufacturer of outdoor furniture. Romy’s career has been based in the landscape sector, with approx 15 years spent predominantly working for manufacturers of landscape materials. 
Passionate about the impact of good design (and delivery) upon those using outdoor spaces, Romy strives to promote best practice in every aspect of her work. She believes the landscape profession is well placed to counter many of today’s global issues through their everyday work, for instance increasing urbanisation and levels of migration, social inequality, climate change etc. Well designed and managed external environments are also key to the delivery of a post-Covid green recovery and offer significant benefits to society’s physical and mental health, and wellbeing.

NLA Expert Panel member for the Wellbeing programme #NLAWellbeing

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Wellbeing Expert Panel


30 January 2023

Wellbeing Expert Panel

The refreshed NLA Expert Panel on Wellbeing joins other panels in working collaboratively on the New London Agenda, Romy Rawlings of Vestre reflects.

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Romy Rawlings Expert panel member

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