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Pollard Thomas Edwards

Rory Olcayto Expert panel member
With a successful career in architectural news and publications, and the massive task of running the Open House / Open City events for four years, Rory brings to PTE an enthusiasm for promoting and furthering excellence in architectural practice. His background in architecture and within the videogames industry provides a base for his analytical approach to reviewing and inputting his expertise into the wide range of PTE projects.
A recent success involved convincing diverse writing talent – from Sunday Times bestselling authors to internationally recognised poets and graphic novelists – to write short stories about infrastructure in north London for a pre-design code book for a hard-nosed developer!
At PTE, Rory is maintaining and also developing a new culture of writing, research and criticism to support the intense design challenges facing the practice. An exponent of critical insight, with a talent for lateral thinking, he will continue to use his strengths in writing and public speaking to explore and apply emerging ideas and practices in design and culture.

NLA Expert Panel member for the Wellbeing programme #NLAWellbeing 

Latest contributions

Retrospective on the future

08 November 2021

Retrospective on the future

PTE’s Rory Olcayto takes a robust look at three very different schemes the practice has produced over the last 15 years to learn about what worked, and what didn’t…

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Wellbeing and space standards


05 October 2021

Wellbeing and space standards

Key figures from the new NLA Expert Panel on Wellbeing share thoughts and feedback from the opening meeting.

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Rory Olcayto Expert panel member

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