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AI: threat or opportunity?


Wednesday 10 July 2024
18:15 - 20:30

Join this NLA Debate exploring AI: a threat to built environment jobs or a valuable technology improving efficiency?
According to an upcoming report on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Built Environment from Future Places Studio, the London Property Alliance, and Gardiner & Theobald, 37% of architecture and engineering tasks could be automated by AI. A survey conducted as part of this research additionally found that 48.6% of participants were worried about how AI might change their profession.
From increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks to making some roles obsolete, does AI present a threat to the built environment industry? Or is AI a valuable, time-saving tool that could automate tasks, and unlock time for creative thinking and innovation?
Could AI-generated simulations and models be leveraged to design more efficient and sustainable urban spaces and reduce risk? On the other hand, is there a risk of unregulated AI-driven decisions in urban planning and construction inadvertently perpetuating biases present in the data?
This NLA Debate brings together voices from across the built environment community to put forward arguments around the challenges and opportunities of the unchartered territory of AI for the built environment community.


Welcome from Chair
Camilla Siggaard Andersen, Practice Leader, Hassell 
A Threat 
Alia Centofanti, Head of workplace + interiors, HOK 
An Opportunity  
Martine Wauben, Head of Data for London, GLA
A Threat
Reem El Khatib, Risk & Research Manager, Lockton 
An Opportunity
Dale Sinclair, Head of Digital Innovation, WSP 
Audience comments and Q&A

Speaker biographies

Camilla Siggaard Andersen

Practice Leader, Hassell

Alia Centofanti

Principal - Director of Design, Interiors, HOK

Dale Sinclair

Head of Innovation, WSP

Reem El Khatib

Risk and Research Manager, AVP, Lockton Companies

Martine Wauben

Head of Data for London, Greater London Authority

Built Environment Technology



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Democratic, pleasant, sustainable


Democratic, pleasant, sustainable

Camilla Siggaard Andersen summarises the latest Built Environment Technology Expert Panel in March 2024 which commenced...

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