New London Architecture

Practical steps for future-proofing streets


Friday 17 January 2020
08:30 - 09:30

In this breakfast talk we will hear about practical interventions to improve streets in a period of fast technological change. Examples from London as well as other cities will be presented to show practical design elements and approaches that could be replicated. 
How do we transform our streets from car-based to inclusive places, prioritising pedestrians and cyclists? What should be the key consideration for future-proofing streets design in a way that allows flexibility for future uses while supporting active travel?

Part of the NLA Future Streets research, exhibition and events series.

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Peter Murray

Curator-in-Chief, New London Architecture

Drew Pinazza

Head of Public Spaces, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland

Stephen O’Malley

Founding Director, Civic Engineers

Camilla Siggaard Andersen

Design Lead, Arup Digital Studio

Deborah Saunt

Director, DSDHA

Transport & Infrastructure



Programme Champions

London & Partners
Transport for London

Programme Supporter



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