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Project Showcase: Building hospitals, with a shift in perspective


Thursday 25 February 2021
15:00 - 16:00

A Project Showcase presenting several of the most recent hospital builds within the healthcare sector.
Hospitals play a key role in society’s life and should be thought as integral to city planning. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the UK’s reliance upon the hospital. While the healthcare sector is going through some major transformations and unprecedented investments, many hospital building plans have seen changes to reflect this new context we live in. Hospital builds, proposed, in progress and completed now have to hold a new prospective. What is the latest thinking in terms of patients’ care? What are the new hospitals being built across the capital? How can good quality design positively impact on the healthcare experience? These questions pose a need to look closely towards healthcare sector buildings and their roles within our future cities.

This Project Showcase presented by NLA looks at some of the key builds already responding to these pressing questions and follows several examples of how the hospital building can be designed and built, responding to the present and with a focus towards the future.

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15:00   Welcome from Chair
            Barbara Chesi, NLA Programme Director

15:05   Whipps Cross Master Plan
            Ruth French, Associate, Ryder Architecture

15:13   Zayed Centre
            Eleni Makri, Associate, Stanton Williams

15:21   UK Institute for Dementia
            Ewan Graham, Healthcare Sector Lead, Hawkins/Brown

15:29   Project Oriel
            Kate Edmondson, Senior Architect, Penoyre & Prasad

15:37   Oak Cancer Centre
            Dominic Hook, Project Director, BDP

15:45   UCL's Institute of Immunity and Transplantation in Hampstead
            Hugo Dring, Associate Director, Buro Four

15:53   Q&A

16:00   End


Ewan Graham

Healthcare Sector lead, Hawkins \ Brown

Dominic Hook

Architect Director, BDP

Barbara Chesi

Programme Director, NLA

Ruth French

Associate, Ryder Architecture

Eleni Makri

Associate, Stanton Williams

Hugo Dring

Associate Director, Buro Four

Kate Edmondson

Senior Architect, Penoyre & Prasad

Education & Health


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