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Don't Move, Improve! 2020

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When the Don’t Move, Improve! awards were established our aim was to celebrate the creative and ingenious solutions Londoners were constructing to improve their homes. 

Over the past ten years we’ve seen some outstanding designs that have created beautiful homes at the top of waters towers (Shad Thames Water Tower by Form Studio), on the narrowest of plots (Slim House by alma-nac) and have taken daring risks in terms of materials and aesthetics. Our aims haven’t changed but the ambition and resourcefulness of the projects continues to grow year on year. We’ve learnt much about what people want from their homes, and met a diverse range of families, professionals and architectural students who have all added to the character of London and carved themselves a sanctuary within this bustling capital. These homes demand more from every space and pay greater attention to the specific needs of the homeowners while being tailored to ever-increasing constraints and smaller budgets. 

As we look ahead to the new decade, we’re excited to continue to shine a light on these innovative home improvement projects. Celebrating the incredibly talented architects creating the designs and the unique stories of the homeowners living in them. At the core, we want to encourage and support more people to take on these most personal of projects with confidence and character, to allow them to put their own mark on the city. As new challenges arise, and concerns for wellbeing and climate change take increasing priority, we keen to work together to develop solutions within the exciting test bed of domestic scale design — we’re sure they’ll be some surprises and wonders along the way. 

This year we are delighted to share the 113 outstanding projects featured in Don’t Move, Improve! 2020, demonstrating an array of architectural and personal styles and provide high-quality homes fitting for this rich and vibrant city.

What's inside?

A decade of Don’t Move, Improve!
How to break down your budget
Go local to go green
‘Do I need planning permission?’
Five tips for redesigning your kitchen

Overall Winner, Soffit House
Best Project Under £75k, Disappearing Bathroom Project
Unique Character Prize, White Rabbit House
Environmental Leadership Prize, Three Rooms Under A New Roof
Materiality And Craftsmanship Prize, Apartment Block
Compact Design Of The Year, Vestry Road
Urban Oasis Of The Year, Laurier Road

Shortlisted Projects

Project collections:
Family Friendly
Under £100,000
Bold Ideas
Characterful Interiors
Work And Play
Environmentally Conscious
Beautiful Detailing
Showstopping Facades
Lovely Lofts
Little Victories
Compact Kitchens
Bright Spaces
City Gardens 
Homes In Nature


Published February 2020
80 Pages
ISBN 978-1-9993513-4-2

Team credits
Editorial and awards team: Eleanor Pile, Sadie Geen and David Taylor. Design: Stefano Meroni. Advertising: Hannah Nottridge.

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