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This year, our homes have played a bigger role in our lives than ever before. With so much time spent inside we have asked a lot more from our domestic spaces; from office to gym, from school to studio, home has been the place to eat, sleep, work, learn, relax, and play.

Don’t Move, Improve! celebrates the homeowners and architects pushing boundaries to create spaces that improve liveability of homes and contribute to London’s rich character. Across the programme we explore projects that show us innovation, creativity, daring and careful consideration of materials, as well as a clear strategy for the efficiency and longevity of the buildings. 

Showcasing all home projects featured in this year’s Don’t Move, Improve! competition, this magazine showcases a range of solutions at a variety of budgets, completed within London’s distinct typologies.

London is gifted with one of the most vibrant architecture industries in the world, something increasingly manifested in the day-to-day life of the city.  A slowing housing market paired with higher stamp duty has only increased the demand for these most personal of projects – with talented architects responding to homeowners’ needs in myriad ways to make the most of their space. This annual competition showcases the most innovative, high-quality home improvement projects at a range of budgets – extending outwards, upwards, or downwards – selecting the best of the best to celebrate and inspire with their creativity, cost-effectiveness, contextual design and liveability of space.

In this magazine you will find a feast of architectural inspiration, with projects exploiting any and every opportunity to create much needed high quality living space in this bustling city.

What's Inside?

How to extend your home: tips and advice 
Overall winners
This year’s best projects

100 examples of home extensions in London...

Character Home
Home that want to stand out among the crowd.

Compact Homes

Designs that are smaller in size but not smaller in ambition.

WFH Ideas
Celebrating the new normal of the work/life balance in the home.

Small Budget Projects
Showcasing small budgets are not a barrier for creativity.

Sustainability and Wellbeing
Designs that focus on environmental and personal wellbeing.

Materials and Finishes
Projects that celebrate materials and craftsmanship.

Homes and Nature
Exploring the connection between the home and the natural world.

Architect Directory


Published  2021

ISBN 9 781999 351373

Team credits
Editorial and awards team: Eleanor Pile, Amy Till and David Taylor. Design: Steffano Meroni and Ricardo Righi. Advertising: Hannah Nottridge

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