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Don't Move, Improve! 2022 Magazine

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This year’s programme commends the best home renovations, extensions and expansions that put character, narratives, seamless connections, and bold material choices at the forefront.
Our shortlisted projects reflect London’s rich and variant residential landscape whilst focusing on liveability, cost-effectiveness, and intuitive consideration of local contexts.

Don’t Move, Improve! celebrates great domestic-scale design that pushes the boundaries of creativity, showcasing how homeowners and architects have rethought design, space and inhabitability, adding longevity and efficiency to homes across the capital.

Throughout the programme we explore projects that show us innovatively designed indoor-outdoor living, clever solutions to compact spaces, raw use of natural materials, and bold colour palettes.
Responding to our growing ambition, we launched our brand new website in February 2022, that will allow us to keep developing our brand and our vision, promote our annual programme and stay connected with
our audience.

With design surgeries, social events and our Don’t Move, Improve! annual publication, we look forward to growing our programme and reaching out to homeowners and professionals across London to keep discovering inspiring home renovations.

What's inside?

How to extend your home: tips and advice 
Overall winners
This year’s best projects

100 examples of home extensions in London...

Materials and Finishes
Projects that celebrate materials and craftsmanship.

Compact Homes
Designs that are smaller in size but not smaller in ambition.

Unique Homes
Celebrations of style, spirit and creativity.

Urban Oases
Projects that seamlessly blend inside and outside and reconnect old to new.

Homes that have been renewed, converted or retrofitted while staying true to their heritage.

Publication details

Published 2022

Team credits
Editorial and awards team: Florence Maschietto, David Taylor, Amy Chadwick-Till, Ellie Davies. Design: Stefano Meroni. Advertising: Rowan Mason

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