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The New London Agenda is our framework for best practice in city-making — taken from 18 years of experience in London, and with direct contributions from over 400 people across public, private and charitable sectors.
The New London Agenda has been guided by the New London Sounding Board, with oversight from the NLA’s Senior Advisors Sadie Morgan, Greg Clark and Robert Gordon Clark, and with contributions from the following NLA Committees and Panels, encompassing some 400+ individuals.


As London moves into a new 30-year development cycle, London’s built environment community will need to work together to help shape a city of Equity, Sustainability and Prosperity, guided through the values of: Taking Responsibility, Providing Clarity, and Building Trust. Our approach will be shaped by the ‘Six Pillars of Placemaking’, applicable to places of all scales and sizes across the city.


Focus On Health

We must centre everything we do around the experience of people and their needs, the imperative for our built environment to improve human health and via this our relationship with planetary health.

Plan For Future Generations

We must take a longer term view of how value can be created, stewarded and fostered over time, and draw on our ability to affect long-term change through our adjacency — what we can change now that will benefit the next stage.

Value Diversity

We must embrace London’s diversity as its greatest strength — supporting and reflecting the diverse needs of London’s citizens through our teams, buildings and neighbourhoods.

Think Beyond Boundaries

We must think beyond the ‘red line’ of development plots, administrative borders and industry silos.

Leverage Innovation

We must leverage new technologies and tools that empower London’s citizens and support the creation of places that foster that innovation.

Work In Partnership

We must embrace the power of collective and coordinated action.


Over a period of four years, aligning with the next political cycle, London’s built environment community will embed the values and principles of this Agenda into our work. NLA will report on our progress each year, reviewing the framework and its impact in four years’ time.


14 Part A: Why Now?
26 Part B: Resetting Our Values
32 Part C: Our Six Pillars of Placemaking
58 Part D: Taking Action
66 Acknowledgements


Published January 2024
77 pages

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New London Agenda


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