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Langstaff Day Architects is an architectural studio based in London. We are a RIBA chartered practice established by Joanna Day and Nicholas Langstaff in 2015.

We believe that the built environment can improve well-being.

We are specialists in education, cultural, sports & leisure, and residential projects.

We embed a sustainable design approach into all our projects because we believe this is the right thing to do. We are a thoughtful, pragmatic and creative team of problem-solvers. We love to explore how people live, learn and play.

We offer full architectural services, and can tailor our services to meet our clients’ needs.

Each project has its own story formed through considering the PEOPLE, PLACE and PLANET.

PEOPLE: We start with people. Our designs are generated by how we understand people will use the spaces. This can produce solutions that haven’t yet been anticipated. We build in flexibility so the building can adapt and grow, which also gives the project long term value for money.

PLACE: We understand buildings don’t exist in a vacuum, but as part of a connected physical and environmental context. They should have a meaningful relationship with the spaces between them and their surroundings. This doesn’t mean the architecture needs to blend in – it can be respectful as well as bold and brave.

PLANET: We aim to create responsible buildings. Embedded within all our designs is the ambition to make genuinely sustainable, accessible and inclusive projects, and we have in-house expertise to achieve this.


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