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The Crown Estate

The Crown Estate

The Crown Estate is an independent commercial business created by Act of Parliament. Our role is to make sure that the land and property we invest in and manage are sustainably worked, developed and enjoyed to deliver the best value over the long term.
Our business includes the whole of Regent Street, much of St. James’s, numerous regional shopping centres, many thousands of hectares of rural land and coastline, and the UK’s seabed. At the heart of how we work is an astute, considered, collaborative approach that helps us create success for our business and those we work with. We call this ‘Conscious Commercialism’. What this means is that we consider the bigger picture and the impact of what we do. We believe a successful business and a sustainable business are one and the same and take the long view in addressing the economic, environmental and social impact of our work.
Our Urban business specialises in the asset management, investment and development of central London and prime retail and leisure developments around the UK. Our iconic ownerships in the West End include the whole of Regent Street and much of St. James’s, where we are currently delivering a £1.5 billion development programme.  Outside of London we have assembled a portfolio of prime retail and fashion parks worth in excess of £1.4bn and are engaged in delivering nearly 1m sq. ft. of shopping centre and leisure developments. We are active asset managers, investing in sectors where we have expertise and a significant presence – developing, buying and selling in order to optimise financial returns and build value over time. Our aim is to be innovative and enterprising, developing the right kind of properties in the right locations, meeting the business needs of both occupiers and investors, and creating public spaces that people can use and enjoy. Our track record has attracted substantial global investors to partner with us.  This releases capital for The Crown Estate to invest across the portfolio and enables our partners to benefit from our long term approach and through our scale of ownership where we can make material improvements to the customer experience through tenant mix, public realm, technological advances and community engagement.

The Crown Estate

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The Crown Estate
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St James two-way restoration

St James two-way restoration


Creating a better, more pedestrian-friendly space in theprestigious St James Area

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