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USM Modular Furniture

USM Modular Furniture

Change is the only constant in life. The core of USM’s philosophy is that our work and home environments should be adaptable to whatever changes come our way. The USM modular system makes that idea a reality. Built from standardised components that make addition and reconfiguration easy, USM furniture is unmatched in its ability to be continuously remoulded to your changing environments and needs.

We build products that endure: wear-resistant materials, fine craftsmanship, durable designs, and timeless style all ensure that USM furniture lasts a lifetime.  It is the Swiss precision in which the components are made that give the furniture the strength, versatility and clean lines that have made USM Haller a design classic.
Since USM’s very beginning, sustainable development has been a keystone of our business. As a furniture business, that means two things. Firstly, we hold ourselves to the very highest standards when it comes to the materials and production methods we use and the energy and emissions they produce. Secondly, we do everything we can to provide our customers with furnishings that allow them to live in a sustainable manner. 

That's why we are proud to have been awarded the Cradle to Cradle® certification for our USM Haller and USM Kitos M ranges. Read more.
As well as creating world-class products, we care about building lasting relationships with our customers, working with them to reconfigure their furnishings to meet their developing needs. No matter how big or small your order, our experts will work with you to make the most of the USM modular system to meet your particular requirements. 

USM Modular Furniture

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Trinity Buoy Wharf.  Masterplan. Phase 1

Trinity Buoy Wharf. Masterplan. Phase 1


1st of a 4 phase scheme to increase space at TBW. This roof extension is for the Foundation Art Year run by the Prince's Foundation. Made from 5 x 40 foot shipping containers as a large classroom

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