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NLQ Issue 24

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The woman leading this issue is a former HOK architect – Sherin Aminossehe. Another interviewee, Bob Sheil, is fronting a different crusade – this time towards ensuring that the architects The Bartlett puts out into the world are ‘oven ready’ and that the institution engages more with wider London and how it works.

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Issue details

Published Autumn 2015.

Team credits
Editor David Taylor, Editor-in-chief Peter Murray, Group editorial director Debbie Whitfield, Editorial director Catherine Staniland, Sub editor Julia Dawson, Editorial support Jess Cronin; Mark Cox; Jenine Hudson; Janette Murphy; Lucie Murray, Publisher Nick McKeogh, Head of marketing Michelle Haywood, Production director Martin Page, Photography Agnese Sanvito, Design and art direction 401

Annual subscription
Digital £7.50

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