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Welcome to your new-look NLQ.

We’ve hit the refresh button on the design to try to bring the layouts up to date and give a cleaner, crisper, more contemporary feel. We hope you enjoy it.

Outside in the real world, meanwhile, the last four months rank up amongst the most significant in recent years for London, with a new mayor and prime minister having to grapple not just with steep rises in population and consequent housing pressure, but the whole European question too. Whether or not Brexit means Brexit (whatever that means, analyzed this issue in a special emergency Sounding Board meeting) the UK capital’s long history of proving resilient is facing new pressures or, as some would see it, glimpsing opportunities.

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Glittering Prizes – the NLA 2016 award winners up in lights.
Awards spotlight
Cutting it – overall NLA award winner Peter Barber Architects. By David Taylor.
Need to know
The quarter – our potted summary of all the key news events this term.
How should London plan for its future workplaces?
Who said what at the main NLA events this quarter.
New Londoner 
On the house – New Londoner of the year Tony Pidgley. By Peter Murray.
Next generation
Making connections – Turner Prize winners Assemble give the annual lecture.
Murray Mints
Peter Murray looks at the role of the ‘Urban Room’ as the City Centre gets a refresh.
Barking’s Darren Rodwell on his plans for ‘London’s engine’. By David Taylor.
Opinions this time from David Burney, Future City and Assael.
GVA’s Gerry Hughes on his ‘rollercoaster’ first seven months in charge. By David Taylor.
Insight preview
Sarah Yates gives a sneak preview to the NLA’s forthcoming WRK/LDN season.
Inspiring women 
Rachel Haugh of SimpsonHaugh is the latest ‘Inspiring Woman’.
Sounding Board
Brexit meaning Brexit – the sounding board gets to grips with what it means for London.
Letter from the boroughs
Bexley chief executive Gill Steward on her borough’s plans for growth.
Top of their game
WestonWilliamson+Partners talk Crossrail, HS2, airports and more. By David Taylor.
Briefing Notes
All the news and views from the main NLA events over the quarter.
Coffee break 
Native Land director Joanna Kennedy answers the NLQ questions.
Building review 
Derwent London’s White Collar Factory gets the building review treatment.
The directory 
Our guide to the companies and properties in London, complete with agents’ views on specific areas.
My London 
Broadway Malyan’s Stephen McGrath sings the praises of Soho.

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Published August 2016.

Team credits
Editor David Taylor, Editor-in-chief Peter Murray, Group editorial director Debbie Whitfield, Editorial director Catherine Staniland, Sub editor Julia Dawson, Editorial support Jess Cronin; Mark Cox; Jenine Hudson; Janette Murphy; Lucie Murray, Publisher Nick McKeogh, Head of marketing Michelle Haywood, Production director Martin Page, Photography Agnese Sanvito, Design and art direction 401

Annual subscription
Digital £7.50

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