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NLQ Issue 41

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New London Quarterly is NLA’s magazine about built environment issues as they affect the capital.

Edited by David Taylor, the magazine is aimed at everybody with an interest in London – the way it works, the way it looks and the way its future development is being planned and delivered.
The 41st issue has been redesigned to refresh its look and feel and building on its collection of interviews, building reviews, opinion pieces and in depth coverage of built environment issues as they affect the capital. 
Along with new columnist Yolande Barnes, the issue includes a look at the Brunel Building in Paddington by Fletcher Priest and the LSE Centre Building by Rogers Stark Harbour + Partners.

There is a focus on the new teams, with a full interview with the leading lights at Enfield Council and their quest to transform Meridian Water, a special feature on climate action, and an interview with activist and campaigner Eileen Conn.

We take a look at Orms on their 35th year in business, headlined by The Standard hotel in King's Cross, a preview from Graham Howarth of the industrial revolution his practice is seeking in Albert Island and a focus on Sadie Morgan’s Quality of Life Foundation.

This issue is also climate neutral – the carbon emissions generated in the manufacture and delivery have been calculated and offset by supporting recognised carbon offset projects. It is made using offshore wind electricity, printed on recycled paper using vegetable-based ink and will be delivered in a potato starch polybag.

Ultimately, it’s a changing magazine, for changing times.

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New Londoner
Michael Cassidy reflects on 40 years influencing the City and beyond.

Activist and passionated Peckham-ite Eileen Conn says communities need fact-based audits.

Top of their game
Orms looks back over 35 years in business, and raising the standards for the next. 

Architecture’s climate crusade
Ann Dingli assesses a summer of climate protest, and the built environment’s responses

The new teams
Lucy Bullivant assesses Enfield’s emerging team, and approach to Meridian Water

Building review
Braced for business - Derwent London’s Brunel Building in Paddington; A civic Centre - Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners’ Centre Building for the LSE


Need to know
The quarter - our summary of all the key news events this term

We ask: what is the main change you want to see in the London streets of the future?

Murray Mint
Peter Murray on handling city change, gleaned from recent visits to New Delhi and Prague

Levitt Bernstein’s Jo McAfferty on education and housing; JLL’s Katie Kopec on education and competitiveness

From the team
London Festival of Architecture’s Owen Wainhouse ponders this year’s theme - ‘power’

New columnist Yolande Barnes on the Bartlett Real Estate Institute’s emerging location

Coffee break
Annalie Riches of Mikhail Riches on her life after winning the Stirling Prize

My London 
Artist Wolfgang Buttress remembers London through the lens of an eventful 24 hours in the city


Don’t Move, Improve! A decade of the domestic design competition

We catch up with Sadie Morgan to find out more about her Quality of Life Foundation

Project preview
Howarth Tompkins’ Graham Howarth unveils his approach to creating more industrial space for London, at Albert Island

NLQ reviews
Peter Murray reviews a new book: London Architecture - an opinionated guide

Briefing notes
Coverage of selected highlights from some of the best events from NLA over the quarter

Market essay
Savills’ Stephen Down looks at the capital’s evolving commercial investment market

Issue details

Published December 2019.

Team credits
Editor, David Taylor. Editor-in-chief, Peter Murray. Production, Merry Arnold and Michelle Haywood. Art direction, Stefano Meroni. Photography, Agnese Sanvito. Sub editor, Julia Dawson. Editorial support, Aurelia Amanitis

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