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Meridian Water is one of London’s largest regeneration opportunities, and ideally placed to deliver the spatial, sustainable and economic resilience objectives of the London Borough of Enfield,
Zero Carbon London

Zero Carbon London

→ Net zero carbon by 2030
→ 30% local, recycled and/or secondary materials
→ 50% biodiversity net gain
→ 50–70% reduction in embodied carbon
→ 30% of all construction to be circular by 2030
→ 100% responsible, ethically and sustainably sourced materials

Meridian Water is one of London’s largest regeneration opportunities. Located between Edmonton, Tottenham and Walthamstow, Meridian Water is ideally placed to deliver the spatial, sustainable growth and economic resilience objectives of the London Borough of Enfield, and to align with the Enfield Climate Action Plan being a carbon neutral organisation by 2030 and a carbon neutral borough by 2040.

A unique site on the cusp of inner London and neighbouring the Lea Valley Regional Park, in a landscape rich in wildlife as well as industry, Meridian Water emerges as a distinctive, inclusive place, designed to nurture economic, environmental and social sustainability. Targeting up to 10,000 new homes and 6,000 jobs, the Meridian Water development will feature at least 10 hectares of new parkland and vibrant public areas, created over the course of the 25-year mixed-use development.

An ambitious sustainability strategy, that aligns with carefully-created placemaking pillars and best-practice design principles, is being established that will embed sustainability throughout Meridian Water and ensure the vision is delivered. The Meridian Water environmental sustainability strategy is based on three core goals to address the three most significant global environmental challenges: climate change, mass extinction of species and resource depletion.

Carbon Positive
Meridian Water will be carbon neutral by 2030 and become carbon positive over the life of the development by; minimising carbon emissions from embodied carbon, regulated and unregulated uses, generating as much zero carbon energy on site as possible and investing in certified carbon reduction projects and the generation of new off- site renewable energy sources.

Environment Positive
Meridian Water will maximise the quantity and quality of green and blue space provision as part of its commitment to radically increasing biodiversity and supporting wellbeing. Enhancements will be delivered incrementally over the life of the project. All homes will meet good health and well- building standards including for daylight, overheating, overlooking, views of the sky, air and noise quality.

Zero Waste and Circular
Meridian Water will minimise resource use by focusing on lightweight design, using sustainably certified, secondary and healthy materials, and by minimising waste. An engagement and innovation programme will be developed to support use of new low-carbon and recycled materials and to push the boundaries on long life, loose fit, energy efficient developments and use of modern methods of construction.

As a minimum the requirements in the sustainability strategy align with the criteria for achieving the highest level of BREEAM certification across all assessment standards (CEEQUAL, communities etc), and LETI pioneer project criteria.

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Meridian Water, London N18 3AH, UK

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