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Civic centres: reimagining town halls

Wednesday 12 April 2023

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Typically grand, centrally located and generously proportioned buildings, town halls are well placed to serve the local community. But what is the role of the town hall today? As well as functioning as centres for the local government, town halls traditionally host a range of public activities, instilling a sense of civic pride and collective public ownership. Increasingly, civic spaces are designed to respond to the broader needs of the community through schemes that cater to diverse uses: flexible workspace, science labs, nurseries, public galleries, affordable housing, and commercial space. 
In the context of town halls, heritage refers both to the building’s fabric and its civic character. How can built environment professionals balance these concerns, whilst also serving the interests of the present-day community?

This webinar explores the challenges and opportunities presented by restoring these historic buildings, spotlighting a range of projects centred around the retrofitting of town halls in London.

Conservation & Heritage



Projects in Practice: The OWO


Projects in Practice: The OWO

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