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New London Awards 2021 - Entry Requirements

Information about eligibility and how to submit can be found here.

Each project should be submitted via the online form, this comprising the following:

Submission costs

If your company is a Business Member, be sure you are attached to the company team to make use of your discount, see how here.

Partner members – £199+VAT
Standard business members – £249+VAT
Full price (non-members) – £295+VAT
If you have any queries, please contact Andre Holmqvist, on 020 7636 4044 or via

Project listing information

  • Title of the project.
  • Name of company submitting the project.
  • Main images. Thumbnail image (dimensions 1440x1080px where possible) and header image (dimensions 2048x1152px where possible), header image credits.
  • Select relevant topic – please select New London Awards.
  • Basic project info (borough, completions status, completion date, size (sqm), location).
  • Short project description max 200 characters.
  • Project team and their roles, listing the following: Client, Architect, Structural Engineer, M&E / Sustainability Engineer, Planning Consultant, Project Manager, Cost Consultant, Contractor, Developer, Other key project team members and their respective roles (up to 5).

If the project is already listed in the NLA project directory, you will be able to select this from the dropdown menu within the submissions form (You will need to be logged in to your account).

New London Awards 2021 Form:

  • Initial info 
    • Completion status. 
    • Company name of partner company (only applicable for joint submissions).
  • Project Description 
  • Overview of the scheme (max 100 words).
  • Outline how the project meets the judging criteria (max 200 words).
  • Outline the project’s environmental, social and economic sustainability performance, including key metrics (max 100 words).
  • Project postcode. 
  • Project value. 
  • Phase of project (only application to projects that are part of a phases scheme of wider masterplan).

Additional information (built projects only)

  • Category Information, only applicable to the following categories: 
    • A diagram showing the old and new parts of the building.
    • Before and after images of the project.
    • Short description of how the design responds to the needs of the people who live in the project.
    • Specify the number of units
    • Specify the tenure type and any relevant percentages i.e., % affordable, % social rent, % private.
    • List the active period of the project
    •  Specify the type of uses and their relevant percentages i.e., % retail, % residential, % office.
    • Submit key diagrams of the masterplan.

Special prize information (built projects only)

    • A max 500-word description of how the project will help London's high streets recover from the pandemic.
    • A max 500-word description of how the project has positively impacted the community.
    • A max 300-word statement from a representative of the community.
    • A max 500-word description to illustrate how the project is sustainable.
    • Environmental Prize documents to demonstrate how the project meets the criteria (max two A4 pages).
    • A max 500-word description on how the project aids the physical and mental wellbeing of people that interact with it.

Supporting material

  • Maximum 10 images, consisting of 5 interior, 5 exterior where applicable (high res JPGs, printable at 300dpi in A4, credit photographer in file name).
  • Drawing of the site map, file name to contain applicable credits (JPGs).
  • Drawing of ground floor plan in context, file name to contain applicable credits (JPGs).
  • Drawing of key sections, file name to contain applicable credits (JPGs).
  • Any addition drawings and images.
  • A PDF of a letter or email from the client giving permission.

Hidden Hero (optional for built projects)

  • Name of your nominee.
  • The organisation or community role they represent.
  • Their role in the project.
  • The reason for their nomination.

Contact information

  • Name of the person who we can contact regarding the submission.
  • Email address of this contact.
  • Phone number of contact.

Site visits (built projects only)

  • Name of contact who can arrange site visits.
  • Email address of contact.
  • Phone number of contact.


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