New London Architecture

Cultural diversity in later living


Wednesday 19 July 2023
18:30 - 20:30

Join us as we discuss how cultural diversity in retirement living can make a positive impact to our neighbourhoods. 
To mark South Asian Heritage Month, BAME in Property Ltd and New London Architecture are coming together to discuss later living options in South Asian communities. 
In the UK, we have an ageing population and an increasingly ethnically diverse population. In some towns and cities, the South Asian population is in the majority, including in places like Leicester and Kirklees, and in London, areas like Harrow, Hounslow, Ealing and Brent.
However, current later living options are not always culturally appropriate, with fewer vegetarian or halal etc. catering options, language barriers between residents and carers, and little to no, religious, and cultural amenities located near developments. 
With limited later living options for the South Asian community, multigenerational living has remained the preferred option.
Although multigenerational living is more common in South Asian communities; with new developments generally being smaller in size, and younger generations assimilating to western cultures, the need for a broader range of later living options for the South Asian communities is becoming increasingly apparent. 
Our panel brings together South Asian architects, scholars and EDI experts to discuss:
·       Current challenges with later living options for the South Asian communities.
·       Suburban locations versus town centre later living options.
·       Why multigenerational living has remained an attractive option for South Asian communities and the benefits of this. 
·       How multigenerational living is changing, as many younger South Asians assimilate to western culture. How is this impacting loneliness. 
·       How South Asian culture influences architecture and how we bring this into later living developments?
·       How to create a model that is equitable for everyone but that provides specific needs?

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Speaker biographies

Priya Aggarwal-Shah

Founder, BAME in Property

Vinesh Pomal

Senior Architect, Butcher Bayley Architects

Tahera Rouf

Project leader, RCKa Architects

Dipa Joshi

Partner, Fletcher Priest Architects

Lucy Hales

Head of Co-housing, Housing 21

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