New London Architecture

Ergonomics and its role in the built environment


Wednesday 27 July 2022
10:00 - 11:00

Join Blum for an online CPD session on designing for the changing needs of an aging population in their webinar, hosted by NLA.
We are all familiar with the mega trends of Aging Populations, Accessibility & Mobility. But what do they actually mean to you and why are they so important in built environment designs?

Blum believe that iconic furniture should look good, be practical and long lasting. But also, be designed for real lives and everyday living. 

We will consider all the theories mentioned above, but also deliver practical solutions around: What happens as we age? How can we support aging in place for longer? How can we achieve good inclusive design for everyone? And question “can we put ourselves and our teams into the shoes of the end user and design with empathy?”

Join Blum and a panel of experts as they explore these issues in more detail. Let’s change the world with moving ideas.

We will be sharing your details with Blum so that they can distribute CPDs to all attendees.

Speaker biographies

Amanda Hughes

Architectural and design channel manager, Blum

First Sukpaiboon

Head of Programme, NLA

Alison Messenger

Ergonomist, Castle Ergonomics

Jacqui Smith

Managing Director, HomeSmiths ltd

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