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NightSeeing™, lighting design and placemaking in the City


Wednesday 14 October 2020
17:00 - 18:00

Join us in exploring the dark side of the City of London! Traverse this tour, by way of photos and commentary with Leni Schwendinger
The City after dusk is a surprisingly different experience than during the day . This online webinar will present the views of lighting and placemaking experts on the relevance of the vernacular light versus careful illumination design to transform the urban night-time. 
#nightseeing #nighttimedesign 

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Leni Schwendinger

Creative Director | Founder, NightSeeing™

Amy Till

Programme Director, New London Architecture

Clarisse Tavin

Group Manager, Major Projects and Programmes, City of London

Elettra Bordonaro

Founder and Creative Director, Light Follows Behaviour



Programme Champion


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