New London Architecture

Preparing for your next ride, by Otis Elevator Co.


Friday 12 March 2021
12:00 - 13:00

An Otis Elevator Co. event, hosted by NLA. Otis Elevator Co. invites you to join them to learn how building owners and facility managers can help give their occupiers confidence to ride elevators again both during and post Covid-19.
This webinar will share an overview of findings from a scientific study on how elevator airflow impacts exposure risk for passengers.
Written in collaboration with Dr. Qingyan (Yan) Chen, a leading indoor air quality expert and researcher at Purdue University, the study’s findings highlight three main factors that impact relative exposure risk inside a building’s elevators.
During the webinar Otis experts will discuss the findings, explain why elevators are one of the best ventilated spaces in a building, and cover recommendations to mitigate exposure risk in your building’s elevators. There will also be time for audience Q&A.


12:00  Welcome
 Emily Wilson, Head of Client Relationships, New London Architecture

12:02   Introduction from Chair
 Federico Garcia Parra, Head of Global Strategic Accounts & Customer Advisory Board Chair, Otis 

12:05   Presentation: Preparing for Your Next Ride: Elevators Amid COVID-19 & Beyond
 Federico Garcia Parra, Head of Global Strategic Accounts & Customer Advisory Board Chair, Otis 
 Stephen R. Nichols, Associate Director, Systems Engineering, Otis
 Marija Trcka Radosevic, Associate Director, Product Innovation, Otis

12:40  Panel Discussion and Audience Q & A
 Speakers above

13:00   End


Stephen R. Nichols

Associate Director, Systems Engineering & Innovation, Otis UK & Ireland

Federico Garcia Parra

Senior Director, Otis UK & Ireland

Marija Trcka

Associate Director, Product Innovation, Otis UK & Ireland

Emily Wilson

Head of Client Relationships, NLA





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