New London Architecture

Revisiting retrofits: building typologies for the office


Thursday 22 April 2021
10:00 - 11:00

This webinar presents office retrofits looking at how different building typologies react to changes in office design.
The future of the office is continuously evolving to meet the needs of our ever-changing work patterns. Office expansions, technological advancements and a shift in mentality and ideas have meant a constant search for the most adaptable buildings to create offices that are fit for purpose. 
Looking back at our historical buildings, which are the building types that respond better to retrofits and can be adapted into offices? What kind of spaces can be easily converted and which one prove to be more difficult?  
Presenting exemplar case studies, this project-focused webinar will review how different London building typologies can accommodate exemplar office retrofits, highlighting how the old can facilitate the new.

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10:00   Welcome from Chair 
            Ben O’Connor, Director, NLA   
10:05   53 Great Suffolk Street
            Seth Rutt, Partner, Residential Sector Lead, Hawkins/Brown   
10:13  Frederick’s Place
            Valentina Galmozzi, Director, AKT II
10:21  7 Holbein Place
            James Ennis, Project Director, Grosvenor         
10:29  1 Finsbury Avenue
            Emily Sutton, Senior Façade Engineer, Arup
10:37   YY London
            Peta Nichols, Associate Director, Buckley Gray Yeoman
10:45   Q & A
11:00   End 

Speaker biographies

Benjamin O'Connor

Director, NLA

Peta Nichols

Associate Director, Buckley Gray Yeoman

Valentina Galmozzi

Director, AKT II

Seth Rutt

Partner, Residential Sector Lead, Hawkins\Brown Ltd

James Ennis

Project Director, Grosvenor Property UK

Emily Sutton

Senior Facade Engineer, Arup

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