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Smart Cities: engaging with citizens to accelerate green solutions


Wednesday 03 June 2020
11:30 - 12:30


In this talk we will hear about digital tools that can help us achieve social and environmental benefits in our cities.
How can the use of innovative technology support the transition towards green cities while empowering citizens?  We will present case studies from London and Milan on the use of digital citizen engagement tools to reduce energy consumption in buildings and incentivise behaviour change. There will also be an opportunity to discuss future implementation and explore paths for better city-business engagement.

Part of Circular Economy Week


Lucette Demets

Head of Urban, London & Partners

Nathan Pierce

Head of Smart London Team and Sharing Cities Programme Director, Greater London Authority

Jemma Hoare

Sharing Cities Community Engagement Officer, RB Greenwich

Giuliana Gemini

Senior Researcher, Poliedra - Politecnico di Milano


Urban Innovation


Programme Champion

Sharing Cities

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