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The Changing Face of London – Fifteen Years


Wednesday 09 September 2020
10:00 - 11:00

A live virtual tour of The Changing Face of London, NLA’s most recent exhibition, marking the launch of an accompanying digital publication and series of events. 
Marking the fifteen year anniversary of New London Architecture (NLA), The Changing Face of London revisits the very first exhibition on display in the NLA galleries when opened in 2005. Revealing the major regeneration sites and opportunity areas across the capital that were about to transform the face of London, the exhibition provided for the first time a comprehensive view of the scale of change the city was going through. Fifteen years on, we revisit those sites and look ahead.
The exhibition and publication delves into London’s recent history and explores the transformative moments over the past fifteen years. This webinar brings the experts together who helped shaped the NLA research, all of whom played critical roles in these major sites of regeneration and opportunity. 


10:00   Welcome to the galleries from NLA team 
            Amy Till 
10:05   Introduction to the exhibition 
            Peter Murray
10:15   Tour of the exhibition  
            Peter Murray and Robert Gordon Clark
10:45   Q&A with virtual audience   
            Peter Murray, Robert Gordon Clark, Sarah Yates and Amy Till (Chair)

11:00   End 


Robert Gordon Clark

Executive Chairman, London Communications Agency

Amy Till

Programme Director, New London Architecture

Sarah Yates

Researcher, New London Architecture

Peter Murray


Changing face of London


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