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VR Square Mile


Wednesday 14 October 2020
15:00 - 16:00

The most advanced, fully interactive virtual reality (VR) model ever created of a major city area has been commissioned by the City of London Corporation and created by VU.CITY.
A collaboration between the City of London Corporation, Innovate UK, New London Architecture and VU.CITY, the smart city platform captures every building, lamp post, window and traffic light to 2cm accuracy across its 2.9 sq km geographical spread– a first in accuracy and detail over such a large area. The new model will allow for an innovative new approach to planning and consultation and will serve as a vital tool in helping to help shape the future of the City of London.
Join our City VR webinar to get a sneak preview of this revolutionary new platform, hear from the experts behind the project and industry professionals who will benefit from a comprehensive virtual map of the City of London.

Programme and Speakers

15:00   Welcome from Chair 
             Benjamin O’Connor, Director, New London Architecture  
15:05   VU.CITY Presentation
             Jason Hawthorne, Chief Digital Officer, VU.CITY
             Joanne McCarter, Head of Customer Success, VU.CITY 
15:30   Panel Discussion  
             Speakers above plus:
             Gwyn Richards, Interim Chief Planning Officer and Development Director, City of London Corporation
             Emma Cowan, Relationship Manager, Innovate UK 
16:00   End

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Benjamin O’Connor

Director, New London Architecture

Jason Hawthorne

Chief Product Officer, VU.CITY

Gwyn Richards

Interim Chief Planning Officer, City of London Corporation

Joanne McCarter

Head of Customer Success, VU.CITY

City of London


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