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NLQ Issue 40

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To mark the 40th issue of New London Quarterly we put out a call for 40 ideas to shape a better London. 

From micro to macro, and across all sectors of the NLA network, we asked for ‘the best blue-sky but workable concepts to improve the city, expressed, where possible, as a pencil or pen sketch on a napkin’. 

This issue features the best positive ideas for the capital, whether they be economic, social, environmental, political, spatial, big, small, interim or long-term solutions, that could have a positive impact on the shaping of the city. We selected the best 40 from around 200 submissions sketched on a napkin, along with short descriptions of the ideas in no more than 100 words. 

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Need to know
The quarter – our potted summary of all the key news events this term

Energy in action – New London Awards overall winner Agar Grove Phase 1A

We ask: what would your one proposal be to improve the involvement of communities in London?

New Londoner of the Year 
Market leader – Derwent London stalwart John Burns reflects on a career in buildings. By David Taylor

Sounding Board 
Should we create planning champions to rebuild trust, asks the NLA Sounding Board

40 Ideas for London special
We asked for 40 of the best ideas to improve London, sketched on napkins. And you did not disappoint…

Briefing notes 
The low-down on all of NLA’s recent conferences and events

Coffee break 
Lisa Walker of IPSX – the world’s first regulated securities exchange for commercial real estate – answers NLQ’s questions

The directory
Our guide to the companies and properties in London, complete with agents’ views on specific areas

My London 
RTPI chief executive Victoria Hills ponders two decades of strategic planning in London

Issue Details

Published September 2019

Team credits
Editor, David Taylor . Editor-in-chief, Peter Murray. Editorial director , Lara Kinneir. Sub editor, Julia Dawson. Editorial support, Aurelia Amanitis. Publisher, Nick McKeogh . Production, Michelle Haywood and Merry Arnold. Photography, Agnese Sanvito. Design and art direction, Stefano Meroni.

Annual Subscription
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Digital £7.50

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